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Performance, 12 minutes.

The 24th of September 2023.

Kunst rett vest, Hangar A, Fornebu, Norway.


I entered the hall with a stool and a black folder. I sat down. I sang Strangest Dream in Swedish, I natt jag drömde. Then I opened the folder and took out a pile of white handkerchiefs. I unfolded one after another. They fell to the ground. 


On each handkerchief, you could read the letters NOK. In Norwegian they might refer both to Norwegian Kroner and to the word ”enough”.


The letters were embroidered by Anne-Lise Zwaig in 2015, in a long durational performance we did together in CELLARCUBE in Asker that year.


Photo 1, 3, 4: Lilja Sighvatsdottir

Photo 2, 5: Video stills

Photo 6: Johanna Zwaig 

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