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Performance, 2 hours.

The 18th of August 2017.

The Complex, Dublin Live Art Festival, Ireland.


Extract from a review by El Putnam, in:Action, Irish Live Art Review:

Her voice fills the room with an echo of strength - it is a voice fit for the Opera stage, though we sit around her in a semi-circle, in position of closeness and intimacy that would not occur in the more formal context. The Spanish words flow to us as her voice drips with melancholy. Her impression evokes images of David Lynch, though I am filled with her energy that can only be transferred through live exchange. She breaks from her singing and lifts a handkerchief from the pile on her lap. Raising her hand into the air, she discards the square of white fabric, like a half-hearted flag of surrender. The lighting brightens slightly when it hits the ground. She again begins to sing.

Click here for the whole review. (Scroll down a little.)


Click here for some video glimpses of SOUNDS THROUGH THE WALL in Dublin and in Hamar, Norway, later that year.


Photos: Fiona Killeen

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